What sets Cloud Blue apart from other companies in your industry?

Cloud Blue stands out from other companies in our industry because we are deeply committed towards customer service and support. In this increasingly technological world is becoming more and more apparent that human support is vital. And that is where we stand out from the rest of the world as we always provide a great customer service.

How can interested individuals or businesses get in touch with Cloud Blue to learn more or start working with you?

Interested individuals or businesses can get in touch with Cloud Blue by emailing our co-founder, Krish Dhawan, or by connecting with us on LinkedIn. We welcome inquiries from individuals and organizations that are interested in learning more about our company or collaborating with us. We are committed to promoting equality for all and making a positive difference in society, and we are always looking for new opportunities to achieve these goals.

about us

I am Krish, a Belgian national who was born in India and raised in Belgium for most of my life. Having built my own computer at age of 14, I am evidently extremely enthusiastic about technology as well as its potential to improve our lives. From the latest gadgets and software to innovative approaches to problem-solving, I am always eager to learn more and see how technology can be used to make a positive impact. Whether it's through tinkering with hardware and software or staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments with tech and AI, I am constantly motivated by the endless possibilities that technology brings.

As an enthusiast of designing, developing, and exploring, I have always challenged myself by creating objectives that are beyond expectations. This has helped CloudBlue to develop Tinybit, an app to help people with cognitive disabilities.


Currently, Cloud Blue offers a product, TinyBit, which is an app designed to help children who are differently abled live more comfortably. Our approach to product development is to focus on the essential features and streamline them, making them more accessible to people with cognitive disabilities. The app is a combination of essential features, such as Scheduled activity, time management, designed specifically for people with cognitive disabilities. These features are streamlined to make them more accessible to users with different needs. Our product benefits our customers by making their daily lives easier and more manageable. TinyBit allows children with cognitive disabilities to participate more fully in their lives, whether that be at school, at home, or out in the community. Our commitment to equality and our focus on improving the lives of our consumers sets us apart from other companies in our industry.

contact us


Contact Us : admin@cloudblue.be



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